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Name Brock, Joseph

Associated Records

1999-072-034-033 - Records

Plat of division of lands of Capt. John Carter of Orange. 1784. James Madison one of four who signed the order.

1999-006-001-005 - Records

WPA Historical Survey: Aquila Johnson Place South side of 209, 3.3 miles west of Margo School. House is 0.8 miles from the road.

1999-006-001-067 - Records

WPA Historical Survey: Laurel Hill

1999-006-001-087 - Records

WPA Historical Survey: Mount Airy and Black Rock Mill. Early 1700s. Also known as Smith's Mill and Towle's Mill. 3 miles south of Post Oak.

1999-072-006-006-001 - Box, Document

Free Negro/Slave Papers/Deed of Gift/Agreements. Barbara Brock and others Agreement. Slavery: Negro slaves named Fanny, Old Patt, Lewis, Stephen, Frank, Lucy and her child Pat, Giles, Roger, Reuben.

1999-072-022-B014 - Box, Document

Deed 1798. Joseph Brock to Joseph Brock Junior

1999-072-022-B017 - Box, Document

Deed 1788. Thomas Bartlett & wife to Gerrard Blackstone Berryman and Josias Berryman

2005-050-017-04 - Genealogy

History of the Herndon family .

1999-072-022-B036 - Box, Document

Deed 1806. A. Brock to Hawkins.

1999-072-022-B208 - Box, Document

Deed 1846. Brock, Jas. H. to Brock, Ovil. Slave: Sam

1999-072-022-C008 - Box, Document

Deed 1786. Eliezer Callender et. al to Beverley Winslow et. al

1999-072-022-C028 - Box, Document

Deed 1788. John & Mary Chishum to Joseph Brock

1999-072-022-E010 - Box, Document

Deed 1796. Tilly Emerson and Samuel Schooler

Image of 2003-020-001-084A - Records

2003-020-001-084A - Records

Plat: Division of land between Thomas Estes & Martha Hansley

1999-072-022-G009 - Box, Document

Deed 1787. Gibson to Simons.

1999-072-022-M001 - Box, Document

Deed 1779. Clement Montague & wife to Fielding Lewis and others

1999-072-022-M033 - Box, Document

Deed 1776. May to Branham.

1999-072-022-M037 - Box, Document

Deed 1774. May to Branham

1999-072-022-P011 - Box, Document

Bond 1783. Perry & Others to Herndon & Others.

1999-072-022-P034 - Box, Document

Deed 1771. Pulliam to Holladay.