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Name Indenture
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1999-072-003 - Box, Document

Records of Apprenticeships from 1700s.

2004-039-003-003 - Agreements

An indenture contract between Catherine Washington, her son Laurence, and Robert Dunbar in which Laurence Washington is to be apprenticed to Robert Dunbar to learn "the business and occupation of a merchant".

Image of 2004-040-200-086 - Ended Papers

2004-040-200-086 - Ended Papers

Chancery Suits, Ended Papers 1837-1841 F, Five Caroline Co. Deeds dated: 12 May 1815, 1 February 1827, two are dated 25 May 1831, and 11 May 1831. Slavery Slaves: Henry, Milly

2004-039-003-017-A - Agreements

Contract between Robert Dunbar and Isham Levers concerning Levers employment as a farm laborer on Dunbar's farm, Grantwood.

1999-072-022-L001 - Box, Document

Deed 1783. Lewis to Coleman.

1999-072-022-L002 - Box, Document

Deed 1782. Lewis to Parrish.

1999-072-022-L003 - Box, Document

Mortgage 1795. Lewis to Fontaine & Spotswood. Slaves: Peter, Sall.

1999-072-022-L004 - Box, Document

Deed 1799. Jas. Lewis & Others to Sam. Schooler.

1999-072-022-L005 - Box, Document

Deed 1782. Lewis to Parrish.

1999-072-022-L006 - Box, Document

Deed 1782. R. Lewis to B. Waller.

1999-072-022-L007 - Box, Document

Indenture 1791. John Lewis to George Lewis. Slaves: Boston, Lazzey, Milly, Nancy, Patt, Sall, Tawney, Will.

1999-072-022-L008 - Box, Document

Deed 1798. Lewis to Sorrell.

1999-072-022-L009 - Records

Deed 1796. Lewis to Olivere.

1999-072-022-L010 - Box, Document

Deed 1780. Lowry to McCalley.

1999-072-022-L011 - Box, Document

Deed 1781. Lambert to Coleman.

1999-072-022-L012 - Records

Deed 1795. Lipscomb & Wife to King.

1999-072-022-L013 - Box, Document

Indenture of Bargain & Sale 1778. Lewis to Craghill.

1999-072-022-L014 - Box, Document

Deed of Gift 1790. Long to Longs.

1999-072-022-L016 - Records

Deed 1786. Lane to Moore.

1999-072-022-L018 - Box, Document

Deed 1790. Ludspike to Carter.