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Name Middlesex County
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

Image of 2004-040-200-086 - Ended Papers

2004-040-200-086 - Ended Papers

Chancery Suits, Ended Papers 1837-1841 F, Five Caroline Co. Deeds dated: 12 May 1815, 1 February 1827, two are dated 25 May 1831, and 11 May 1831. Slavery Slaves: Henry, Milly

1999-006-001-038 - Records

WPA Historical Survey: Ellwood at route 20 and Wilderness Run.

2005-050-1500-001 - Court Record

Quit rent rolls of Virginia counties. From des Cognets: English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records. 1700-1704.

2005-050-018-11 - Genealogy

History of the Micou family.

2001-014-008-23C - Documents

Photocopy of FLS article showing The Washington Farm (Ferry Farm) on the banks of the Rappahannock River. A steamer, The Middlesex ,in the foreground.

2000-019-002 - Documents

Copies of portrait, dental surgeon diploma and biographical sketch for Dr. Francis B. Chewning. Copy of obituary for Mrs. F.B. Chewing (Elizabeth)

2003-008-002-049 - Box, Document

Toll of the Wilderness manuscript, 35 pages; Toll of the Wilderness (copy), 35 pages; Postcard, 1964; Letter (12), 1963-64

2007-022-002 - Documents

Letter from P. Woodward 1842 in Fredericksburg, Virginia to John G. McGill in Middlesex County, Virginia.

2004-040-058-007 - Documents

1872 marriage of Joseph O. Beazley and Virginia H. Motley

2004-040-058-036 - Documents

1872 marriage of Alexander Harris and Isabella A. Mason

2004-040-058-089 - Documents

1872 marriage of John Henry Young and Adaline Baylor (colored persons)

2004-040-060-021 - Documents

1874 marriage of Thomas Crittenden and Rena Coleman

2004-040-065-056 - Documents

1879 marriage of S. Grinnells and Sally P. Thornley.

1999-072-022-G089 - Box, Document

Deed 1848. Mary E. Garnett to Wm. S. Hackney

2002-020-028 - Box, Document

Genealogy of the Goodloe family of Caroline County

1999-072-022-L182 - Box, Document

Deed 1852. Livermore, Geo. W. and wife to Morris, John T.

2008-049-004-087 - Box, Document

Abstracts near Mine Road Church. Contains extensive research on the properties in the area of Mine Road Church and the families. Many plat maps included.

2010-008-050 - Documents

Index: History and future plans; photos; newspaper articles; map; drawings; ad; plat.

2010-056-065 - Documents

Last Will and Testament of John Taylor Corbin Slaves: John, Felicia, Jane

2004-040-234-017 - Ended Papers

Chancery Suits, Friendly Ended Papers Drawer 1874 G - Z 1870-1874 Suit for debt.